Creating Community


Largest horseback riding lessons facility in Hawai’i, with over 200 continuing students.


77% of staff are Hawai’i-born, while the remaining percentage are newly established Hawai’i residents.


Created over 80 stable job opportunities, and are still currently hiring.

North Shore Stables is the product of equine enthusiasm x community devotion.

Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible horsemanship opportunities to our community’s youth, and to cultivate employment opportunities to our community at large.

To perpetuate this mission, we have developed youth programs and created over 100 jobs for our local Hale’iwa-Waialua community. 

Join us for a lesson or a trail ride, or host a private party with pony rides with us. Let’s cultivate experiences together that will last a lifetime, create moments to remember, and foster relationships we can build on.


The NSS scholarship program was created to nurture our mission to provide horsemanship opportunities to those who would not otherwise have access. Through our scholarship program, we successfully sponsor 1,200 lessons per quarter!

Applicants are asked to answer a few questions about their demographics, and recipients are chosen based upon financial need and academic achievement. Current students of NSS are also sometimes chosen as recipients based on their personal growth at the stables.

Our 2022 NSS Scholarship Application is currently open!

Work-Ride-Trade Program

The NSS Work-Ride-Trade Program is designed to support youth who are interested in, and committed to, learning about horsemanship but are unable to afford formal lessons due to financial circumstance. Students enrolled in the program exchange their time and efforts working at the stables for formal horsemanship and horseback riding lessons provided by NSS Instructors.

This program has been the heart of the stables even before we officially opened to the public in August of 2021. Before we before we were able to hire an extensive equine-care team and expand our herd, students of the Work-Ride-Trade program put in the work with outstanding commitment. Many are still with us today, and some have even entered into employment with us.


In accordance with our mission, we have been able to offer over 80 employment positions in our community, and we are still hiring.

We are always looking for committed, diligent, and amiable individuals to join our team! Team positions include:

Horsemanship & Riding Lesson Instructors, Equine Support Staff, Livestock Caretakers, Receptionists, Client Service Representatives, Office Assistants, ATV Guides, Landscapers, Maintenance Workers, Carpenters, Machine Operators, Small Engine Mechanics, Custodians, and Native Plant Restoration Project Collaborators!

To find the list of positions we are actively hiring for or to apply, please click the button below!

Meet The NSS ‘Ohana



Barn Manager

Meet Sofiia! She’s a local girl who was raised in Waialua who has an extensive background in horsemanship. She’s competed in horse shows, played polo, and more! Also…meet Wizard! A trusty sidekick, Wizard guides trail rides too!




Barn Manager

Meet Lacee! A Waialua native, she was born and raised here in this very town. Fun fact: Lacee is North Shore Stable’s certified goat & sheep wrangler! When you come visit us, be sure to ask her about it!

“What do you call a fake noodle? …An impasta!”



Horse Trainer

Meet Ang! She is born and raised here on the North Shore, started showing horses when she was five, and has also competed in various English and Western events. When she’s not riding, you can find her near the ocean or up in the mountains!

“I’m looking forward to helping you all grow your knowledge, and passion, for horses!”




Meet Kylie! She is the sweetest, and is an extremely knowledgable Instructor. We guarantee you will enjoy your lessons and trail rides with her!

“Can’t wait to make some memories with you!”



Support Staff

Meet Meghin! Born and raised on the North Shore, if you’re a North Shore local, you probably already know her! She is an awesome instructor, and we’re so stoked to have her!

“Don’t forget to come down to the stables to hang out with us!”



Social Media / Photographer

Meet Amanda! She has been involved with North Shore Stables since the very beginning, and even before the beginning, when we started as a horse rescue program! She’s enjoyed teaching lessons at the Stables, has worked in our office as a client service representative, and is now our in-house photographer!

“We have grown so much and I can’t wait for you to join the journey with us!”



Irrigation Specialist

Meet Ed! He’s a fellow graduate of Waialua HS, and a skilled NSS team member! Even though he doesn’t directly work with the horses, he’s been with the Stables since it was just a horse rescue, and came to adopt his own rescue horse!

“I’ve been on the journey from the very start, and it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come!”




Meet Madison! She’s our front desk receptionist and your first smiling face when you visit us. She can help you make any reservation you need!

“I love exploring new hobbies and putting smiles on peoples’ faces!”