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Join the team and become a volunteer today! Embark on a unique opportunity to support the stables while learning about horsemanship and ranch lifestyle along the way!

Animal Care

Learn about grooming, feeding, bathing, and overall general care for horses and other livestock!


Help organize and clean equipment, tack sheds, and community spaces, as well as assit with organizing volunteer schedules and other programs!


Often overlooked but so desperately needed, volunteers with knowledge & ability to assit with landscaping, weed wacking, or pulling weeds are always needed!


Volunteer for special events like our upcoming Halloween and Christmas events! 

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Animal Care

Horses are tough animals to care for. They take a lot of time and effort (and money) to keep healthy! Volunteers may participate in general care for horses and other livestock, including grooming, bathing, mucking, feeding, cleaning & refilling waterers, and more. Work side by side an experienced stables staff member to learn about caring for these majestic animals!


The hustle and bustle of day to day activities tend to make a mess of tack rooms,  community spaces, and our minds! Volunteers can help foster a healthy, productive, and fun environment by helping stables staff organize various areas, as well as help with the organization of programs such as our work-ride-trade program and volunteer program!


While it isn’t the funnest job in the world, it is one of the most important! Landscaping and weedwacking may not seem incredibly significant, but here at the stables, doing so can help save lives! There is a weed that likes to grow here that is poisonous to horses. We work tirelessly in our efforts eradicate this weed for the safety and health of all our horses and livestock on property.

Mahalo Piha

Mahalo piha, thank you, for taking the time to visit our volunteer page. Your help supports our mission to provide accessible horsemanship opportunities to our community, and directly impacts our youth programs. Help us continue to be a safe and fun learning space for our neighborhood’s keiki!


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